• American University of Integrative Medicine (AUIM) is an American leading institution for integrative health education. Our education system encompasses a well-rounded integrative holistic approach to alternative and evidence-based natural medicine.
  • World-class educators and leaders have come together to create a new innovative curriculum and model of education in the field of ancient and modern medical studies that incorporate the key concepts of science and health.
  • As a Nationally accredited institution, AUIM graduates are qualified to receive American national and professional board certification from ‘American Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP)’ and American Association Natural Wellness Practitioner (AANWP)’ after completing any education from the American University of Integrative Medicine. We are proud to be at the forefront of online learning technologies, including an innovative learning management platform, inspiring online video courses, and engaging teaching materials.

In addition,

  • We believe in natural, non-invasive approaches to restoring health, without side effects.
  • We believe that everyone must be educated in how to heal themselves and others.
  • We believe that the right to heal belongs to everyone who sincerely desires and manifests it
  • We believe in the reality of the field and subspace as the optimal source of healing.
  • We believe in improving the health of individuals and communities by acting collectively.
  • We believe in using a model of medicine based on the concepts of bio-terrain and subtle energies.
  • We believe in promoting the practice of the healing arts with competence, ethics, and compassion.
  • We believe that we can help practitioners prevent disease and generate optimal health for all.

We welcome you to become a part of our mission to expand the awareness of this new medical model across the globe and to develop parameters for ongoing scientific research to validate this exciting new medical paradigm.