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Instructor : Mark Pol, BS, CHN
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Phone number : (+1) 832-631-9345

Become Certified as an Herbal Medicine Specialist (HMS) within one single semester while attending AUIM’s online course. This course will prepare you with the essential theory and skills to become a certified Herbal Medicine Specialist.

Course Description

The Certified Herbal Medicine Specialist (HMS) will provide an education in Herbal Medicine that is second to none. Students will be well prepared in the history of Herbal Medicine and how its has progressed into the modern applications that are currently being used in alternative medicine. Safety is an important component to becoming certified, students will thoroughly understand the safety measures that are required while practicing as an Herbal Medicine Specialist. These key points are crucial in the development of a well-trained specialist.

Additionally, this course will require students to actively engage each other. This style of learning influences a team like environment which has been proven throughout years to be the most effective way of learning and retaining new information.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify the fundamentals and the theory behind Herbal Medicine. This will prepare them to confidently advise and recommend specific herbal remedies to improve unwanted symptoms of almost any aliment.

If you find yourself interested in taking your health care profession to the next level by becoming certified as an Herbal Medicine Specialist, then this course is the right one for you

Course Delivery Method:

  • 100% Digital versions in Blackboard site for all course textbooks and other materials.
  • Online access to course materials, books, and video lectures
  • Weekly quizzes and final exam are online
  • Online Testing – Submit your assignments and final examination online and receive your results immediately
  • No extra or added fees for registration, course materials and/or examination
  • Unlimited Student Support – We are here to help you before, during and after enrollment
  • No Travel Necessary
  • 30-Day Meal Plan with accompanying shopping list and recipes
  • Nutrition Resources for Your Business
  • Guide on Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Nutrition Practitioners
  • Forms, worksheets and checklists provided are perforated for easy duplication

A Certified Herbal Medicine Specialist May Perform Any of the Following Tasks, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Guide on Herbal Medicinal therapies and remedies.
  • Counsel clients on using Herbal Medicine.
  • Advise on Herbal Medicine application, therapies, ad remedies
  • Encourage patients on buying organic, taking supplements, and other nutritional considerations.
  • Career Trends in Herbal Medicine
  • All Herbal Medicine Specialist tasks within the scope of practice, rules, and regulations.

Estimated Program Cost: (including Tuition Fee & Internship)


Completion Time:

  • Complete your course within a semester or less.

Requirements for enrollment:

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • High school diploma or GED
    • Basic understanding of nutrition and a healthy diet
    • Desire to help others obtain their nutritional and optimal health goals
    • AUIM Admission Fee: $200

Learning Format: 

  • Comprehensive manuals and/or digital textbooks, online resources, video presentations, practice exam and online final exam.

 Exam Requirement:  

  • Passing an online exam with 70% or higher.
  • Exam is based on the course materials. No added materials needed.
  • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately