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Auimedu Office of Scholarship

Welcome to the University of Integrative Health Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. We provide students with information about the cost of attending our available programs in order to help you meet educational expenses. We encourage students to remain well-informed in regards their financial outlook for overall financial wellness. Auimedu offers a limited number of scholarships, each covering tuition up to 70% and can be applied towards enrollment in one or more of our programs.

Deadline to Apply


5pm (PST), February 28 for Fall Semester

5pm (PST), October 30, for Spring Semester  

The Financial Aid Process

Types of Aid

Who is Eligible to apply for our Certification Programs?

Any student who has: Submitted Auimedu online application at least 3 months ahead of the application deadline Display a strong commitment in contributing to alternative health care practices\ well written explanation of your reason for applying is crucial

Who is Eligible to apply for our Doctoral Programs?

Any student who has: Completed a bachelor’s education with CGPA 2.55 or above in any discipline or at least 50 credits of the bachelor’s program are required TOEFL/IELTS and GRE scores are strongly recommended well written explanation of your reason for applying is crucial

How to Apply for a Scholarship application?

First, complete the online application. You can also download the application, fill it out, sign, and send it to us by email at In the scholarship application, briefly describe the reason you are applying for this scholarship. Submit two Professional or Academic letters of recommendations/reference letters in support of your abilities, personal and/or professional goals. Please request that a professional or academic colleague (such as a supervisor, manager, or recent instructor) directly email the letter of recommendation to Please ask your recommender to include your name and “Recommendation” in the subject line and to include his or her professional or academic association to you in the body of the letter. The only acceptable format for the recommendation letter is MS Word or PDF file.

Auimedu Scholarship Application

In case of any difficulties with the online scholarship application, download the application form. Fill-up the requirements and send us via email at


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.


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